Exclusive Interview with Ortiz: Biden Holds the Authority to Bolster Border Security through Reimplementation of Trump’s Policies

During his State of the Union Address on Thursday, President Biden is expected to adopt a more moderate stance and advocate for border security legislation, as indicated by recent polling data revealing immigration as a top concern for Americans, surpassing economic challenges and inflation combined.

However, the President’s reliance on legislative action seems to sidestep the immediate measures he could take through executive authority. By rescinding the executive order he signed shortly after taking office, which overturned several of President Trump’s border policies, Biden could implement effective border security measures without the need for congressional approval.

Biden’s February 2021 executive order nullified key Trump-era policies like the “Remain in Mexico” protocol, expansion of detention facilities, expedited deportation procedures, and the cessation of “catch and release.” Instead, it introduced broader asylum provisions and relaxed immigration regulations. Consequently, illegal border crossings surged, with figures in 2023 more than doubling those recorded during Trump’s presidency in 2019.

In a full-page advertisement featured in today’s New York Times, the Job Creators Network has offered the precise language for the executive order President Biden could sign to address the border crisis. Titled “Hey Joe, You DO Have the Power to Restore Our Border Right Now,” the ad awaits his signature.

By acknowledging his previous missteps and endorsing this order during his national address on Thursday night, Biden has an opportunity to initiate a turnaround in his polling figures, particularly concerning his substantial 30-point deficit to Trump on immigration.

The rise in illegal migrants during Biden’s administration has been linked to an uptick in crime within our communities. According to a national poll conducted by JCN among small businesses, nearly one-third of respondents report a decrease in earnings due to the escalation in crime.

The danger posed by migrant-related crime hit close to home for many Americans with a recent attack on an NYPD officer by migrants. If law enforcement officers aren’t secure in Biden’s America, then who can feel safe?

Recently, there was a notable case of the alleged murder of University of Georgia student Laken Riley by an undocumented immigrant. The House of Representatives is set to vote on the Laken Riley Act soon, aiming to elevate theft or shoplifting offenses to deportable crimes and mandate the detention of violators without proper documentation by the federal government. Ensuring the security of our borders translates to safer communities.

As Elon Musk pointed out on Twitter on Tuesday, unvetted immigration also poses a terrorism risk. “It is highly probable that the groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11,” he noted. “Just a matter of time.”

For the majority of his presidency, Biden attempted to downplay the issue of illegal immigration. However, now the consequences are becoming evident. It’s beginning to alienate crucial demographics such as independents, suburban residents, and college-educated women, who are essential for Biden’s chances of reelection. Instead of trying to maintain appearances, Biden should reverse course on his border executive order.