Elon Musk Voices Alarm Following ICE Boston’s Morning Arrests of Four Suspected Child Rapists, Yet Local Courts Release Them

ICE in Boston rounded up four alleged child rapists in a single morning, in one city, however local courts keep letting them go.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin detailed the arrests earlier this month on X. Elon Musk would later weigh in on the story to highlight it, expressing his concern.

“ICE Boston says this Brazilian illegal alien was apprehended by Border Patrol in AZ in July 2021, then released into the U.S., & later arrested in Massachusetts for child rape in Dec. 2023,” Melugin said about one of the illegal immigrants.

“ICE says the Milford District Court ignored their detainer request & released him into the community on $5,000 bail without notice in late January,” he added.

ICE Boston Field Office Director Todd Lyons said in a statement that “This Brazilian noncitizen is accused of sexually abusing a Massachusetts minor.”

“Every second he spends roaming free in our communities, he represents a potential threat to the children of our communities,” Lyons added.

A Not The Bee writer shared this story, emphasizing that “this illegal alien was arrested for child rape and the local Massachusetts court released him back into the community.”

“Do our officials hate us?” he asked.

The writer then went on to highlight other similar arrests in the same city. The article was noticed by Elon Musk who responded by saying, “This is incredibly messed up.”

Melugin reported in another post that “ICE Boston says the Middlesex County Superior Court didn’t honor their detainer request and released into the community without notice a Brazilian illegal alien indicted on TEN COUNTS OF AGGRAVATED CHILD RAPE in MA.”

“Yes, you read that correctly,” Melugin added. “ICE later found & arrested him while we were embedded with them. ”

Allison Dyer, a user on X, replied to Melugin’s post stating, “That’s everyday in Boston.”

“Massachusetts residents safety, security & economic opportunities come second to Gov. Healey’s support of open border policies which have created a catastrophe at the northern & southern borders which you are unwilling to address and goes hand in hand with the collapse of security and the rule of law that goes with your continued commitment to open borders as the ‘party of democracy,’” she added.

The Not The Bee writer detailed how there are over 300 U.S. cities with populations exceeding 100,000 residents, and Boston alone has over 600,000.

Many of these cities have seen an influx of undocumented immigrants, predominantly young men, who entered the country during Joe Biden’s administration, he adds.

“ICE and Border Patrol barely have the ability to screen or deport them, having been handicapped by Biden. Even when they do deport these guys, the perps rarely face consequences for their crimes,” the writer said.

“So if 4 pedos were caught in one morning in Boston, how many remain uncaught in Boston? How many are spread across hundreds – thousands – of American cities? How many are right down the street from where you and your family sleep?” he asked.

“And what about the cartel members and the robbers and the garden-variety murderers? How many of them are within spitting distance of our families?” he continued.

Melugin shared yet another example last week of the Chelsea District Court ignoring ICE’s detainer request, releasing a previously deported Salvadoran MS-13 gang member into the community without notice.

“The man was previously deported in October 2021, and illegally re-entered the US as a ‘gotaway’ sometime after that,” Melugin reported.

This is an excerpt from RTM.