During Interview, Trump Dodges Question About Directing Someone to Relocate Boxes at Mar-A-Lago: ‘I Won’t Disclose That’

During an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt this week, former President Donald Trump chose not to respond to an inquiry regarding classified documents.

In the Wednesday discussion, Hewitt posed a series of queries concerning the charges against Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified materials. These allegations ultimately led to special counsel Jack Smith indicting Trump in July.

Hewitt asked the former President: “Did you direct anyone to move the boxes [of classified documents] after the subpoena was issued?”

The Daily Wire reported that “Trump initially responded”  by comparing the charge to ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ suggesting that ‘Deranged Jack Smith’ created a ‘fake case’ against him.”

Hewitt returned to the question a few minutes later, pressing for a direct answer, Hewitt asked:  “But did you direct anyone to move the boxes, Mr. President? Did you tell anyone to move the boxes?”

Trump provided an indirect response to the question, given the ongoing investigation and the open case, which raises uncertainties about what the former President is permitted to discuss regarding the matter. Nevertheless, Trump’s reply was unsatisfactory to certain individuals.

“I don’t talk about anything,” Trump said.

Noting his prerogative as President to declassify documents at will, Trump added: “I’m allowed to do whatever I want. I come under the Presidential Records Act.”

In response to Hewitt’s question, Trump simply said, “I’m not telling you…I come under the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to do everything I did.”

Later in the interview, Hewitt asked Trump, “So if you have to go to trial, will you testify in your own defense?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Trump said. “That, I would do. That, I look forward to, because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s all the fake information from Russia, Russia, Russia.

Trump subsequently mentioned that he has been the subject of scrutiny by individuals affiliated with the Democratic Party.

“Remember when the dossier came out and everyone said ‘oh, that’s so terrible, that’s so terrible,’ and then it turned out to be it was a political report put out by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They paid millions for it. They gave it to Christopher Steele. They paid millions and millions of dollars for it, and it was all fake. It was all fake,” said Trump.

It has been reported that Trump stored classified documents at his office and residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The former President asserts that he declassified these documents before leaving office.

The prosecution contends that these documents were not declassified, there were efforts to conceal them, and some were shared with individuals lacking the necessary security clearance.

Trump has labeled the “operation” at his residence and the FBI’s management of the inquiry as a grave miscarriage of justice. He remains resolute and has effectively harnessed the indictments against him to garner support from millions of Americans, consistently strengthening his position in a hypothetical 2024 election matchup against Biden.

The GOP candidate is currently ahead in the competition against fellow GOP contenders by a significant margin, with a lead ranging from 30 to 40 points and steadily increasing.