Dr. Phil: Advocates for Border Control Often Misunderstood as Anti-Immigration or Hateful

On Monday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime” on FNC, Dr. Phil McGraw expressed his frustration with the discussion surrounding immigration control in the United States.

McGraw noted that many individuals are hesitant to address the issue of illegal immigration due to concerns about being stereotyped or criticized.

“The border thing seems so obvious to vast majorities of the American public,” FNC host Jesse Watters said. “Why is it such a deadly problem still?’

“Well, I think people are afraid to take a position this, because, if they take a position and say we should control the border, then they’re labeled as anti-immigration, they’re labeled as haters for these different countries that people are coming from,” McGraw replied. “But that’s missing the point, isn’t it? Because we’re not talking about immigration. We’re talking about illegal immigration. I’m very pro-immigration.”

“We need immigrants in this country,” he continued. “We got a 1.6 birth rate. We need 2.1 to sustain our infrastructure here. I welcome immigrants into this country, but we need to know who they are. We need to know who it is that’s coming into our country. We need to be able to sort through these people. And those that are enemies of the United States that are coming into the country, those that are on the terror watch list coming into the country, those people certainly need to be filtered and stopped. And when you come into the United States illegally, that’s a felony.”