Donald Trump Holds a 5-Point Lead Over Joe Biden in North Carolina

In North Carolina, a recent poll by WRAL-Survey USA conducted from March 3-9 shows former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in a hypothetical two-way general election matchup. The poll, which surveyed 598 likely voters, indicates that 50 percent favor Trump, while Biden garners 45 percent support, leaving 5 percent undecided.

Trends detailed in WRAL’s broadcast report of the poll showcased Biden is struggling with men and voters under 50 years old, with double-digit deficits to his presumptive opponent among both demographics.

Trump receives backing from 54 percent of male respondents in the poll, while Biden secures 40 percent support from this group. Among female participants, exactly half favor Biden, while 46 percent lean towards Trump.

The age breakdown also presents challenges for Biden, with voters under 50 favoring Trump over Biden by a margin of 54 percent to 42 percent, and 5 percent undecided. Among voters aged 50 and older, Biden and Trump are tied at 47 percent each, with 6 percent undecided.

Furthermore, satisfaction levels across political affiliations indicate positive signs for Trump’s chances in North Carolina in November. A majority of Republicans, 58 percent, express satisfaction, indicating their support for Trump and confidence in his November prospects, while 34 percent express a desire for alternative options, and 8 percent remain undecided.

The responses from Democrats and independents diverge notably. Merely 27 percent of Democrats express satisfaction with Biden and Trump as potential choices. Two-thirds of Democrats express a desire for alternative options, as do over seven in ten independents. Only slightly over one-fourth of independents express satisfaction with the presumed nominees.

David McLennan, a Political Science professor at Meredith College, underscored to WRAL the significance of this situation, describing it as “problematic” for the 81-year-old president in terms of mobilizing voter turnout efforts.

“That’s really problematic in terms of trying to get your voters to come out this fall,” he said. “When you talk about a third of your own party’s voters are glad to have you, and two-thirds are not? I can’t remember a presidential candidate being in that situation in recent history.”

According to @IAPolls2022, a polling aggregator on X, the survey indicates that Attorney General Josh Stein (D) holds a slight lead over Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) by 44 percent to 42 percent. Additionally, 15 percent of respondents remain undecided.