Democratic Strategist Criticizes Biden’s Failure to Acknowledge Seventh Grandchild: ‘A Reflection of Our Shared Humanity’

Despite President Joe Biden frequently emphasizing the significance of family and maintaining regular contact with his grandchildren, he has chosen not to publicly recognize the birth of his granddaughter from an Arkansas stripper.

“I have six grandchildren,” President Biden told a group of children in April. “And I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day.”

In a recent statement, Jessica Tarlov, a Fox News personality, emphasized the importance of President Biden addressing the situation with his son, Hunter, and urged the family to acknowledge their grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts. As a co-host on “The Five,” Tarlov expressed the need for open communication within the Biden family regarding this matter.

“I think that this is a moment where the president really could have told his son ‘enough’s enough’ — Like, ‘I’m happy to deal with all this other stuff,” Ms. Tarlov said. “I’ll take it, about the business dealings, the addiction, the videos; whatever’.”

“But this is humanity, right?” she added. “This is the face of it.”

Recent revelations have complicated the situation surrounding Navy Joan, as it has come to light that she is aware of her grandfather’s position as the highest authority in the country and her father’s identity as Hunter Biden.

A Democratic strategist suggests that if the Biden family were to publicly recognize Navy Joan, the American public would likely respond with understanding.

Criticism has been directed at President Biden for his inaction in addressing this matter, especially considering his campaign emphasis on empathy and restoring normalcy.

The omission of Navy Joan’s name from the White House Christmas stockings has further fueled critiques, with some interpreting it as a clear indication of the impact of Hunter Biden’s actions.

Lunden Roberts, the child’s mother, was previously involved in a legal battle with Hunter Biden over child support, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

The media’s relative silence on the topic has been noted, leading to disappointment among some Democrats regarding Biden’s handling of the situation.

Reports from The New York Times reveal that Biden’s aides have been instructed to only mention six grandchildren, excluding Navy Joan, in strategic discussions.

Observers are questioning the contradiction between Biden’s affirmations about the importance of family and his actions toward his unacknowledged granddaughter, raising doubts about his capacity for kindness and paternal love.

Hunter Biden recently reached a settlement with the child’s mother, resulting in a reduction in his child support payments and an exchange involving his artwork.