Democrat Representative Auchincloss: Biden’s Age Shouldn’t Define His Presidency’s Success

On MSNBC’s Super Tuesday coverage, Representative Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) expressed his belief that President Joe Biden has performed well. He cautioned against framing November’s election solely as a question of Biden’s age, emphasizing the importance of presenting voters with a choice between two experienced candidates, one with a successful presidency and another who is widely regarded as the worst in American history.

After playing video of some voters commenting on Biden, host Jen Psaki asked, “[T]hat is the argument right? That Joe Biden is a better candidate, a better President than Donald Trump, but it is still an issue that pops in the polls. What do you think the President and his team should be doing to address that issue or to neutralize it?”

Auchincloss responded, “If November is a referendum on is Joe Biden too old to be President, that’s not a good thing for Joe Biden. November needs to be a choice between two older men, one of whom has been a good President and one who has been the worst President in American history, and whether Americans want to move forward with the good President or go back to chaos with the worst President. And that is the choice that I think the Biden campaign is well-equipped…to put in stark terms to the American people. And we’re going to see groups, young voters, for example, that have been more reluctant, to date, to support the President, I think, as we get closer to November, that is going to crystallize and that’s going to galvanize those voters.”