Criticism Directed at Biden for Claiming Insufficient Funds to Secure the Border

Critics lambasted President Biden for his remarks on taking “something” action at the southern U.S. border, grappling with an unprecedented surge in illegal immigrant crossings. Customs and Border Protection sources disclosed to Fox News Digital that December 2023 witnessed an astounding 300,000 migrant encounters, a previously unimaginable figure.

This marks the highest monthly total ever recorded, surpassing 300,000 encounters for the first time. When questioned by a reporter about the surging migrant numbers, Biden, while walking from Marine One to the White House on Tuesday night, faced scrutiny for his response.

“Well, we gotta do something,” Biden answered before appearing to say, “They [Republicans] ought to give me the money I need to protect the border.”

Certain critics of Biden dismissed the notion that insufficient funding is the primary cause of the overwhelming situation at the border.

“Oh yeah, more money. But not to ‘protect the border’. It’s to pay for more lawyers to lie for the illegal migrants posing as asylum seekers,” Fox News contributor Miranda Devine wrote. “It’s to pay for more NGOs to continue the cartel’s human trafficking work around the country. It’s to pay for more ‘humanitarian’ aid at the border, and more money wasted on ‘root cause’ boondoggles. Anything but secure the border. It doesn’t take more money to do that. Just the political will. He can close it tomorrow if he wants. He has enough new Biden voters now anyway.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama echoed a comparable theory, contending, “What he’s requesting is funds for additional agents to process undocumented individuals and bring them into the country, rather than safeguarding the border.”

“Build the wall and enforce the law!” the Republican Party’s official account wrote on X.