Congress Demands Alejandro Mayorkas Provide Documents on Alleged Crimes Committed by Undocumented Immigrants

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan issued a subpoena to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday, demanding the release of case files related to over a dozen immigrants currently under congressional scrutiny. These individuals are suspected of serious crimes such as rape and murder, with specific cases including an undocumented immigrant accused of two rapes in a Silver Spring, Maryland jogging trail and others linked to the killing of a teenager in Frederick County, Maryland.

The majority of these 14 files focus on undocumented immigrants who were apprehended and subsequently released at the border, shedding light on the core challenges of the migrant surge. Despite persistent requests over the past seven months, Mr. Jordan, an Ohio Republican, emphasized that the department has only provided partial summaries to Congress, prompting frustration. In a letter to Mayorkas, Jordan expressed dissatisfaction with the department’s voluntary response, leading to the issuance of the subpoena.

“Your response without compulsory process has, to date, been woefully inadequate.” 

Mr. Jordan has set a deadline of January 8 for the production of the files, marking an escalation in tensions between Congress and the Biden administration, particularly Homeland Security, regarding crucial information access.

Under Mr. Jordan’s leadership, the committee is investigating the link between lenient immigration enforcement and violent crime, with the sought-after files potentially providing essential insights into how individuals involved in serious offenses entered the U.S.

The documents in question, referred to as A-Files or Alien Files, offer comprehensive immigration histories, covering border encounters, interior confrontations, past deportations, and immigration court proceedings. Homeland Security cited the time-consuming nature of fulfilling A-Files requests, often spanning thousands of pages, and has provided summaries as an alternative.

While the department has engaged with Congress, offering briefings and responsive materials, the committee’s move to issue a subpoena has impeded this cooperation. Among the cases under scrutiny is that of Hermanio Joseph, a Haitian undocumented immigrant released at the border, involved in a tragic collision resulting in one student’s death and multiple injuries.

Another instance pertains to Jose Roberto Hernandez-Espinal, who faces accusations of raping both a 15-year-old and a woman in distinct incidents.

Additionally, there are cases concerning illegal immigrants, formerly categorized as Unaccompanied Alien Children, now implicated in the killing of a 15-year-old in Frederick County. Some of these individuals may have potential connections to the MS-13 gang, predominantly composed of immigrants from Central America.