Chinese Foreign Principal Associated with Controversial Michigan Battery Factory Emerged Subtly in Documents

A Californian energy firm that proposed the establishment of an electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan has been revealed to have connections as a Chinese foreign principal.

Gotion, Inc. has put forth plans for the construction of a $2.4 billion factory aimed at manufacturing anodes and cathodes on a 260-acre location in Mecosta County’s Big Rapids, as stated in a Politico report.

This report highlights that the factory’s creation would potentially generate 2,350 jobs with an average hourly wage of $29.42.

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Gotion Inc. has become a focal point of discussions among Michigan residents and Republican politicians, driven by apprehensions regarding potential influence from the Chinese Communist Party.

The controversy emerged when the corporation revealed its ambitions to establish a multi-billion dollar facility, backed by the Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

According to information from Fox News, the parent company of this Californian corporation, Gotion High-Tech, is situated in Hefei City, China.

“The rumors that you’ve heard about us bringing communism to North America are just flat-out fear-mongering and really have nothing based in reality,” Chuck Thelen, Gotion’s N. American manufacturing vice president said.

Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, asserted that “extremist” members of the Michigan GOP are advancing conspiracy theories in an attempt to obstruct the creation of thousands of well-compensated American jobs that the factory could offer to the state.

“These racially motivated attacks on Gotion hurt the same communities that these members claim to represent and advocate for, and Michiganders will see through them,” Chair Barnes said, UpNorthLive reported.”

In an April 21 filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the battery manufacturer disclosed that Gotion, Inc. is under complete ownership and control of Hefei Gotion High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., based in China.

Even with Governor Whitmer’s support, worries about Gotion’s Chinese ownership and its ties to the CCP have endured.

According to the Fox report, Gotion High-Tech’s corporate bylaws stipulate that the company must “conduct Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

Adding to the ongoing discussion, in June, Fox News Digital reported that Michigan Democratic Representative Elissa Slotkin and a senior staffer had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. This agreement granted them access to deliberations regarding Gotion’s proposed battery factory in Big Rapids. After a comprehensive national security evaluation, the Biden administration greenlit the project during the same month.

Additionally, legislators have raised worries about the planned facility’s proximity to U.S. military bases. The site is situated within a 60-mile radius of military armories and 100 miles from Camp Grayling, the largest training facility for the U.S. National Guard.

The Wall Street Journal had previously stated that Camp Grayling is where the Michigan National Guard trains Taiwanese soldiers during annual military exercises.