“Centenarian in California Marks 100th Birthday with a ‘Canine Parade’ Showcasing 200 Dogs of Various Shapes and Sizes”

A woman in California had a heartfelt desire to make her dog-loving father’s 100th birthday special by inviting friends and neighbors to bring their dogs for a celebration like no other.

The Moore family, led by Dr. Robert Moore’s daughter, took to the Nextdoor app to encourage people to dress up their furry companions and lead them in a parade right past their home, commemorating his remarkable century of life.

The response, recounted by NBC Bay Area, far surpassed the expectations of Alison Moore, a 60-year-old resident of San Jose. She had initially envisioned a modest turnout of 20 to 30 dogs to join in the festivities on June 17 for her father’s birthday. However, the outcome was beyond her wildest imagination, as around 200 dogs, accompanied by their owners, turned up to extend their birthday wishes to Dr. Moore.

“It gives me chills just thinking about it,” the daughter said in an interview with Fox News.

“To think that about 160 dogs I’d never met before, and then their owners — sometimes it was a couple or sometimes it was a family of five — is just wild to me. It was so heartwarming that these strangers would take part of their day to come to my house to bring their dog to greet my dad.”

Arriving in an array of outfits including costumes, sunglasses, and festive hats, the dogs made their grand entrance using an assortment of transportation methods, ranging from vintage cars to wagons. Some thoughtful pups even arrived bearing treats, not just for their furry companions but also for the humans who were part of the celebration.

With loved ones and friends gathered around, the hundred-year-old individual was profoundly touched by this heartfelt gesture, as reported by Fox.

“It was surprising and thrilling to see so many people and dogs who came out just to wish me a ‘happy birthday,’” he said. “I’ve never seen so many wagging tails.”

Alison, his daughter, had initially expected a modest wave of greetings from neighbors, yet the actual turnout far surpassed her anticipations.

“It was so much better than I ever could have imagined,” she remarked, noting her father petted every single dog.

A former dean of Science and Applied Arts at San Jose State University, Mr. Moore now lives in an assisted living center located in Palo Alto, California.

“Most of his friends are gone and my mom is gone,” Ms. Moore explained. “A big party didn’t make sense — and since he’s been in assisted living the last number of years, the highlight is always when we would bring our dog to visit. And when we lost our dog in 2020, I would borrow my friends’ dogs. He just adores dogs.”

The concept of a canine parade perfectly resonated with Robert Moore’s affection for dogs, prompting his daughter to engage the local community via neighborhood online platforms, extending an invitation to partake in the festivities.

Emma Moore, the 25-year-old granddaughter residing in New York City, was one of the family members who made the journey to be present at this significant occasion.

“When I saw the swarm of people coming from every direction at 11:05, I got tears in my eyes,” she said. “The line included many people of all ages with cards, posters and small gifts for Pop, as well as people with and without dogs who just wanted to wish him a happy birthday.”