Bolton Urges Congress to Back Ukraine, Warning of Potential Russian Victory

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton this week called on Congress to “quickly” pass additional aid for Ukraine, warning that “Russia will win” if the U.S. doesn’t act.

Many congressional Republicans have come out against additional support for Ukraine. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, recently questioned “Why would we ever debate giving another dollar to Ukraine when our borders are wide open … and this administration refuses to do anything about it?”

“Ultimately, if we don’t help the Ukrainians out, ultimately Russia will win,” Bolton told radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday in an interview on the WABC 770 AM show “Cats Roundtable,” adding, “I think we need to do a better job.” 

Bolton said, “I think people in the House and the Senate should press Biden harder to develop a winning strategy with Ukraine, not just preventing Ukraine from losing, but figure out how Ukraine can win.”

He went on to say that “Ukrainians are worried about the possible loss of some American support. I hope we’re going to find a way to give them the additional military support they need.”

The ex-national security advisor emphasized the need for the U.S. to worry about a Russian diplomatic push attempting to secure advantages in negotiations, especially if Russian forces face challenges on the battlefield, like the potential annexation of eastern Ukraine.

“That could come at any time, so we need to be ready for that,” Bolton said.