Bob Costas Rescues Restaurant Patron by Performing Heimlich Maneuver

The renowned sports commentator, Bob Costas, was in the spotlight for his recent act of heroism. In a Syracuse, New York restaurant, he successfully administered the Heimlich maneuver, saving the life of a diner who happened to be a close friend of Costas and started choking. This exclusive revelation comes courtesy of Page Six.

“Bob doesn’t think this was that big of a deal,” a rep for the longtime NBC Sports personality tells us.

“He really feels he did what just about anyone else would do in a similar situation.”

He later told “The Show With Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman” podcast that his friend had turned “crimson” so he “jumped up” to assist him.

“Luckily enough it worked out,” he shared. ”I don’t know if I saved his life, but I saved him considerable discomfort, that’s for sure.”

At the age of 71, Costas has significantly reduced his involvement in sports commentary following his departure from NBC. The initial report by The Post in August 2018 highlighted that Costas and the network were working to resolve the final three years of his lucrative contract. This decision came about as they struggled to find an appropriate role for the renowned broadcaster in light of NBC’s evolving media landscape.