Biden Condemns Putin, Trump, and MAGA Republicans in Passionate Fundraiser Speech

President Joe Biden, at a private fundraiser in San Francisco, voiced his concerns about various factors that could potentially impact his reelection campaign in 2024. He took jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin, former President Donald Trump, and MAGA Republicans, all while ostensibly discussing “climate change.” According to AP, Biden referred to Putin as a “crazy SOB” and criticized Trump’s remarks regarding the Russian opposition leader who recently died in an Arctic prison.

Biden, in the context of discussing climate issues, expressed concern over the presence of leaders like Putin and others, noting the constant threat of nuclear conflict. However, he emphasized that the most significant threat to humanity is climate change.

Additionally, Biden was taken aback by recent remarks made by his potential Republican competitor. Trump drew comparisons between the suspicious prison death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his own legal challenges in the U.S. Trump was recently ordered to pay $354.8 million, plus approximately $100 million in pre-judgment interest, after a Manhattan Supreme Court judge found that he had inflated his net worth to secure more favorable loan terms. New York Attorney General Letitia James has indicated readiness to seize Trump’s assets if he fails to meet the penalty demand.

Trump characterized the ruling as a type of “communism or fascism,” prompting Biden to express his astonishment at the comparison, as detailed in the AP report.

Some of the things that this fellow’s been saying, like he’s comparing himself to Navalny and saying that — because our country’s become a communist country, he was persecuted, just like Navalny was persecuted. I don’t know where the hell this comes from.

I mean, if I stood here 10, 15 years ago and said any of this, you’d all think I should be committed. It astounds me.

“I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never quite seen a crowd like this MAGA Republican crowd,” Biden added, referring to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“They seem to have very little moral compass on what is important to people.”

Biden visited San Francisco as part of a three-day tour across California, aiming to gather funds for his 2024 reelection bid.