Autopsy Reveals Mysterious Handwritten Notes on Clothes and Numbered Anklet of Nashville Christian School Shooter

According to a Fox News report, the autopsy findings for Audrey Hale, the individual responsible for the tragic incident at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 23, revealed a peculiar detail.

The deceased woman had adorned her clothes with handwritten messages. It’s important to note that despite identifying as a transgender man and going by the chosen name “Aiden,” the report confirmed her biological sex as female.

Among her belongings at the time of the fatal encounter with the police at Covenant Presbyterian School was a knife engraved with the name “Aiden.”

Additionally, the 28-year-old woman was found wearing an anklet bearing the engraved number 508407, as mentioned in the coroner’s report.

“The body is viewed on scene wearing a white shirt (cut) with handwritten words, drawings and numbers written on it,” began the March 28 autopsy by Doctor Emily Dennison, at Nashville’s Center for Forensic Medicine.

Dr. Dennison, the coroner, observed several noteworthy details about Hale’s clothing during the autopsy. Her black t-shirt displayed a firing range logo on the left front, and her “pink-tan bra” featured handwritten words and a drawing. Describing the deceased, Dr. Dennison stated that the body belonged to a well-developed, well-nourished, 5-foot-2-inch, 119-1/2-pound phenotypic female, with adult, atraumatic external genitalia.

The handwritten notes found on Hale were mentioned in the coroner’s report but not disclosed in terms of their nature and content. The report did, however, confirm that Hale’s cause of death was homicide resulting from gunshot wounds.

Despite calls for disclosure, the Nashville police have refrained from releasing the manuscripts known as “manifestos,” which are believed to explain Hale’s motive. The police justify this decision by stating that the information will be made public once their investigation concludes. However, given that Hale is deceased, some question the necessity of a prolonged investigation.

According to a report from NY Breaking, it was revealed that Hale had meticulously planned the attack at The Covenant School over several months. The report mentioned that she studied other mass murderers before carrying out the terrifying shooting.

The motive behind Hale’s heinous act remains unclear, prompting numerous news outlets to petition Tennessee courts for the public disclosure of her written words. Many hope that delving into Hale’s background, her writings, and the significance of the enigmatic number on her anklet might offer valuable insights to prevent similar devastating incidents in the future.