Ariana Grande Incites Anger Among Pro-Palestine Activists with Single-Word Oscars Message

Ariana Grande incited anger among activists with a concise tweet on Sunday, apparently expressing frustration about being delayed in traffic due to nearby pro-Palestinian protests. The famous singer posted a picture of her large necklace and jewel on Instagram, accompanied by the word “traffic.” This action prompted a barrage of criticism from protesters, who accused her of displaying privilege and condemned her for insensitivity in her communication, as reported by The Daily Caller.

Lee, a user, highlighted, “The congestion mentioned was caused by a Palestinian protest against the genocide.” On Sunday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators assembled near the Dolby Theater, advocating for an urgent ceasefire in Gaza.

Appearing irritated by the hassle of maneuvering through the protests, Grande failed to acknowledge the cause of the traffic disruption. Social media users quickly criticized her, condemning the singer for what seemed like indifference towards the ongoing conflict.

Disappointed by Grande’s insensitive reaction, some fans announced their decision to withdraw support. For example, a user named Aila expressed, “Lmfao I will not be streaming eternal sunshine anymore. Oh Ari, you’re my biggest disappointment.”

Other fans defended the singer. “Why y’all mentioning a genocide over someone just saying ‘traffic’” a user that goes by coco said. “Just to update her fans on where she was at bc we were ALL asking where she was at & so quick to assume that ariana would support any of what the oscars are doing VERY WEIRD.”

At present, Grande has not publicly responded to the criticism stemming from her contentious post.

At the recent Academy Awards on Sunday, several celebrities, including Billie Eilish and Ramy Youssef, were spotted wearing red buttons symbolizing a plea for an immediate and enduring ceasefire in Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

According to The New York Times, the pins were part of a joint initiative by Artists4Ceasefire, a coalition comprising more than 400 Hollywood personalities. This group had previously penned an open letter urging President Joe Biden to advocate for a ceasefire.