AOC Spreads Hamas ‘Mass Grave’ Hoax to Demonize Israel

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is spreading a hoax about a “mass grave” supposedly discovered at a Gaza hospital where Israeli soldiers had recently been fighting terrorists.

AOC cited a post on Twitter / X by Nick Kristof, a radical left-wing columnist for the New York Times, who has spread doubts about Hamas’s documented use of hospitals, but treats Hamas claims about Israeli atrocities as proven facts.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has noted for days that Hamas has tried to spread misinformation about the hospital.

In fact, it said, IDF soldiers examined a grave that had been used by Palestinians to bury dead people, hoping to find the remains of Israeli hostages who may have been killed, and then returned the bodies that the IDF had exhumed.

The Times of Israel reported earlier this week:

It said forces searching for Israeli hostages had examined bodies previously buried by Palestinians near Nasser Hospital and had returned the bodies to where they were buried after they were examined.

It has been documented that Palestinians buried their dead at the hospital grounds both before and while Israeli troops operated in the area.

The location of that burial site was geo-located by experts to the same location where Hamas officials claimed to have discovered the new mass grave.

The “mass grave” hoax bears a close resemblance to the classic “blood libel” spread against Jews in medieval Europe and the contemporary Middle East, which falsely accuses Jews of murdering children to bake matzot, the unleavened bread made solely of water and four that is eaten on Passover.

AOC has also praised the unlawful campus protests at Columbia and Yale, during which Jewish students have been attacked and intimidated. At Columbia, protesters called for the murder of Israelis and openly praised Hamas.

This is an excerpt from BREITBART.