A Good Samaritan Saves Senior Homeless Individual Stranded in Las Vegas Flooding

As an elderly homeless individual in Las Vegas, Nevada, faced the peril of being trapped in floodwaters, an unknown individual stepped in to help.

Arturo Castrejon and a friend were driving near the intersection of Bonanza and Pecos when they noticed the man’s struggle within the turbulent, murky waters, as reported by Fox 5 on Monday.

The man’s visibility was severely hindered since his clothing blended with the floodwaters, which had been unleashed by thunderstorms, featuring heavy rainfall, strong gusts of wind, and lightning strikes in the area.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, Castrejon wasted no time and courageously jumped out of his car’s window in a bold attempt to rescue the man on the brink of being swept away by the floodwaters.

“I didn’t even think twice. I was like, I got to do something for him, I got to save him, I don’t even know how to swim and I went, tried to open the door first, but the door, water way too strong,” the rescuer recalled of the harrowing incident.

In the end, he cradled the man in his arms and transported him to a nearby residence, ensuring his safety.

“He was just telling me to not let him go, and I grabbed him, I won’t let you go, so when I carried him he started crying,” Castrejon explained of the stressful situation.

Despite the perilous circumstances, Castrejon firmly believed that rescuing the man’s life was the morally sound choice. He remarked, “Perhaps both of us could have faced danger, but I felt at peace with my decision.”

The individual who offered refuge to the man overnight shared with Fox 5 that the man goes by the name David, emerged from the rescue unharmed, and is homeless.

Additionally, the homeowner mentioned that David left the vicinity on Sunday morning.