50 Cent Predicts Trump’s Victory in 2024 Election

Hip-hop artist 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, recently expressed his views to his extensive following on X, suggesting the possibility of former President Donald Trump’s return to power. In addition to his prediction, Jackson painted a grim picture of the current global situation, indicating a belief that the world is approaching its end, thereby diminishing the importance of present-day issues.

He supplemented his commentary with an AI-generated video depicting Trump delivering a fictitious tirade about hip-hop figure P. Diddy’s alleged involvement in a federal human trafficking probe.

“The world’s almost over so what are we worried about,” Jackson wrote, followed by a shrugging man emoji.

He condemned the creator of the AI video, stating, “Whoever made this is messed up.” Jackson cryptically insinuated, “I think Trump’s going to be president again, but I’m not going to outright say it,” and shared a link to his merchandise website within his post.

The AI video features a simulated Trump voice making derogatory remarks aimed at P. Diddy, alluding to raids on both Diddy’s and Trump’s residences, suggesting a shared experience of legal scrutiny without prior notification. This concocted tirade emerges in the context of R. Kelly’s legal woes, drawing a strange comparison between Kelly’s alleged actions and the fabricated comments by Trump.

Jackson has previously delved into public discourse surrounding Trump. Last month, he sparked controversy with a post pondering whether Trump might be a preferable option in light of New York City’s contemplation of offering migrants prepaid credit cards, expressing bewilderment and indirectly criticizing Mayor Adams.

In 2020, Jackson vehemently opposed Joe Biden’s tax proposal, provocatively proposing that voting for Trump could serve as a response to the suggested fiscal policy, although he later retracted his support for Trump ahead of the presidential election.

Even during the peak of his fame, Jackson openly endorsed Republican presidents, notably referring to former President George W. Bush as “gangsta” during his career zenith in 2005. Each time, Jackson’s endorsements sparked controversy within both the media and the hip-hop community.