“16-Year-Old Commemorates Achievement of Nursing Degree”

A young adult achieved a nursing degree through Arizona State University’s fast-track nursing program even before obtaining a driver’s license, as reported by Breitbart News. Elliana Tenenbaum, aged 16, recently completed her studies and was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as detailed in an Arizona Family report.

“Most of my peers know, and I have been unconditionally accepted,” Ms. Tenenbaum said. “I’m incredibly excited. It’s a culmination of all the dedication put into this program and nursing.”

Notably mentioned in the AZ Family report, Elliana Tenenbaum’s father, Steven, works as a medical professional, providing her with an early exposure to the field of medicine. Inspired by this, she opted to pursue college-level courses during her high school years, allowing her to gain a head start in her educational journey.

“It wasn’t about what age I wanted to do something or what amount of time, but I knew this was the right pathway for me, and why hold myself back when I could get started,” the teenager told the outlet.

Elliana’s persistent dedication not only positioned her ahead of fellow students but also paved the path for her recent remarkable achievement.

The medical professional, her father, elaborated that she was tackling coursework at the age of 14 that he himself had undertaken during his twenties.

“Her ability to learn things is very impressive,” the proud phsyician pronounced. “The ability to dedicate herself to work hard is amazing.”

Already contemplating her next steps, Elliana Tenenbaum has taken the initiative to apply for several nursing positions.

She expressed her aspirations of eventually pursuing a career as a doctor or practicing nurse practitioner. Given that she currently holds only a driving permit, securing a swift job would require her to arrange transportation.

As reported by KGUN9, a celebratory event was held on Thursday afternoon to honor Tenenbaum and her fellow nursing graduates.